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Zveza ekoloških gibanj Slovenije

The Association of Ecological Movements of Slovenia- ZEG is a union of societies in which environmental associations, municipal and regional environmental societies join voluntarily, in order to achieve common goals in developing and protecting the environment. It was founded in 2002, currently connecting 14 environmental associations and 6 non-profit private institutions, with more than 2.680 members.

The goal of ZEG remains the establishment of new societies to cover the need to protect the environment.

On 15 April 2023, ZEG celebrated the simultaneous closure of the last three German nuclear power plants. This would be the right path for Slovenia as well and for the abandonment of nuclear electricity production in Slovenia. ZEG is calling for a reduction in energy use and for a shift to renewables, without fossil and nuclear energy.

The existing NPP NEK Krško stands at a tectonic fault line and is potentially seismically compromised, its lifespan has expired, its vital parts are too tired and dangerous, they cannot be replaced. Therefore, it must be stopped and dismantled as soon as possible, following the German example.

ZEG is opposed to the construction of the second nuclear power plant in Slovenia. 

Nuclear power plants are not green or sustainable, but are desperately outdated technology, creating the most toxic nuclear waste that will kill all forms of life for the next million years on planet Earth, and at the same time the most expensive form of electric current production.

The European Commission’s proposal and the vote in the European Parliament on the taxonomy of energy sources, according to which gas and nuclear energy are, under certain conditions, green and sustainable sources. It is absurd, irresponsible and reckless in relation to today and future generations.

Today’s nuclear energy situation in Slovenia describes the following contribution:

Nuclear censorship, lies and threats.  


Ph.D. Leo Šešerko, leo.seserko@gmail.com

Matjaž Valenčič, matjaz.valencic@gmail.com

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Nuclear censorship

Matjaž Valenčič


Matjaž Valenčič